To promote the development, use, and dissemination of innovative display, graphics, and optical technology for the healthy and diseased eye.



The Center for Innovation in Vision and Optics is an industrial membership organization that promotes innovative display, graphics, and optical technology for the healthy and diseased eye. Learn about the benefits of our member below.

  • Exclusive access to prepublication CIVO data, including abstracts, manuscripts and theses.
  • Exclusive access to data repository containing CIVO Researcher datasets.
  • Exclusive opportunity to provide additional funding for more directed ‘Collaborative Projects’ with reduced overhead rate.
  • Assistance in facilitating applications to and administration of joint research programs, with CIVO directors, funded by agencies of the U.S. and State Government.
  • Opportunity to attend CIVO Members-only semi-annual general research review meeting and engage with CIVO directors, faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.
  • Opportunity to influence the research topics of CIVO through representation on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and attendance at IAB semi-annual meetings.
  • Opportunity to send Visiting Industrial Fellow (VIF) to CIVO, with prior approval, for nominal fee.
  • Opportunity to attend, with prior approval, specific researcher internal lab and/or project meetings.
  • Optimized tailored advertising of CIVO-related lectures, events and workshops.
  • Exclusive right to commercial non-exclusive royalty free (NERF) licensing of Intellectual Property resulting from CIVO-funded research (except for diagnostic and therapeutic applications).
  • Exclusive access to online CIVO resume bank.
  • Recognition as a Sponsor at CIVO events. Members who join within one year of CIVO’s establishment will be credited as Founding Partners.