William Tuten

OD, PhD (Vision Science)

Tuten is Assistant Professor of Optometry and Vision Science at UC Berkeley. His research involves using high-resolution retinal-imaging techniques to study vision at the cellular scale. Specific interests include: (1) characterizing the relationship between photoreceptor structure and function in patients with retinal disease; (2) examining how optics, eye movements, and neural processing combine to limit visual performance; and (3) understanding how the appearance of cone-sized stimuli is influenced by post-receptoral circuits that support spatial and color vision. He received a BA in Chemistry from Miami University in 2005, an OD and MS in Vision Science from the Ohio State University College of Optometry in 2009, and a PhD in Vision Science from UC Berkeley in 2014. Prior to returning to Berkeley in 2018, he was a post-doctoral fellow in the Departments of Psychology and Ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania. Email: wtuten@berkeley.edu. Website: Tuten Lab.