Jacob Yates

PhD (Neuroscience)

Yates is Assistant Professor of Optometry and Vision Science at UC Berkeley. His lab uses statistics and machine learning to build data-driven computational models of visual cortex and human perception. His research focuses on how populations of neurons in cortex and early visual pathways encode the visual world, with a specific focus on the role of eye movements in visual processing. Images on the retina(s) move constantly with the eye(s) and head. This self-motion generates information about the world and serves a facilitatory role in visual perception. Yates studies how neural circuits utilize this information. He has developed methods to better measure small eye movements and study their role in neural processing.  He received his BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley in 2007 and his PhD in Neuroscience from UT Austin in 2013. Following a postdoc at University of Rochester and University of Maryland, he joined the UCB School of Optometry in 2022. 

Email: yates@berkeley.edu   Website: https://jake.vision/